Hi, my name is Melissa and this is my blog!

The Literary Mind is about finding ways to dig out the writer from the reader.

If you’re a new reader or an old-time book fanatic, you’ll find that iconic stories are timeless. They encourage new thoughts at each read and inspire aspiring writers at each page turn.

By looking through some classic and modern literature I hope this blog can help you hone your creative writing skills and let you rediscover the fundamentals of great writing!

I also wish this blog is a space where you can prob through your mind and rekindle your creativity. I have often struggled to make my voice unique and I have recently found that it’s a common occurrence for writers today.

The world is continuously evolving around us and I believe in our rush to find success we are neglecting the original, authentic ideas that lie within us.

Through my posts that explore the creative minds of artists and tested upon inspirations, I hope you are able to dig out your own unique voice.

My Tangents – a lovely habit, huh?

I study literature and am beyond interested in the English Renaissance and the Romantic Period, so I will wander off in rhyming verse and my own quirky delights from time to time, so please bear that in mind. LOL, it seems to me I just can’t stop 😉

Simpson, Season 20. Image from Giphy, giphy.com

Please leave comments on my blog posts or email me! I would love to hear about your literary thoughts or questions!

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